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ABOUT I Wanna Be Famous

IWBF Power Intro

“I WANNA BE FAMOUS!” (IWBF) is the world’s first global interactive talent contest where the audience is the judge. Our contest is not just about liking and voting; at IWBF the contestants challenge in 1-on-1 battles to find the most famous talents from all around the world.


Wanna be famous? Simply upload a video, browse the other contestants and request a battle. During a battle, invite your friends, fans and family to watch and vote for you – the more battles you win the higher your FamousFACTOR will be.

At the end of each month the contestant with the highest FamousFACTOR in each category will receive the Most Famous Talent Award for that month and will be qualified for the big finals in May 2014. The final winners will be invited to perform live in Las Vegas at the Most Famous Awards Show in June 2014.

The Grand Prize Winner will get a CD or DVD professionally produced and marketed by a leader in the music/show industry and will present acts from this CD or DVD as the main act at the Most Famous Awards Show 2014.

Starting in August, IWBF will launch Most Famous Radio, Most Famous TV and Most Famous Records. People from all around the world will be able to listen to, watch and download the songs of our contestants and 70% of the revenue will be paid to the artists.

Do YOU Wanna be FAMOUS?  YES?  Simply CLICK HERE


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