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GEE ON TV – episode 4



Hello everybody, WAAAAZZZUUUBBB?

Last Episode I told you to vote for the next free ebook in the Wazzub community. Forgive me, the pool is right at the eeboox website. So, go and vote at: http://www.eeboox.com

Lets get started: Today is very important…

I’m going to take you on a journey that will open your eyes and will put all your doubts to rest…

I want to start by saying… Thank you, to all of you who are supporting PI whether it is in PI SUPPORTER’S CLUB, INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN, CO-OWNERSHIP PROGRAM and/or all THREE. With your support we will go FAR.

The market leaders in the areas that we are in, earn billions of $$$ every year and they have budgets far beyond our possibilities. But we know that it is not their Internet; the bottom line is that it is OURS because we, the users, decide what we want to see, which websites and services we want to use.

The more money we have available, the faster we can develop and improve our services. With a higher budget we are able to protect our assets by filing more patents and registering more global trademarks.

How will we spend the money? SIMPLE, we will…

Hire more programmers

Buy/rent more server capacity

Develop more services

Improve existing services

File patents

Register trademarks

Keep our services free for users from all countries

Expand our support team

AND do whatever it takes to serve our members better.

So, again on behalf of PI, THANK YOU for your support!

PI is UNIQUELY positioned in the market place. You know by now that we are a company but we consider ourselves a family. Our entire management team consists of members and all our projects, developments and improvements are based on the feedback and proposals of our members – Over 400,000 members and growing – members from more than 175 different countries. This is NOT a “company” operation; it is OUR operation – the members operation – THE POWER OF “WE” prevailing.

How many other companies out there give the members the POWER to see and to experience what the members want to see and to experience? As far as I know…NONE! So, can you say…YES…PI is TRULY SPECIAL and I am a part of it? YES, you are!!!

Our vision is to create a perfect Internet experience with maximum privacy and protection for every user. Everyone wants to be safe on the Internet but as far as we are concerned there’s only ONE place where they can be safe and they don’t know it YET, until WE tell them. We are driven by members and we share our success with our members so why not share it with the world? PI truly is SPECIAL…

Some more good news?… No, no… some more great news?

Our community is growing so fast that we are already listed as one of the top 3,500 most visited websites in the world. That’s powerful! This is Certified traffic = Real visitors. Not crawlers or bots, like most websites out there, and I wonder how many of those 3,500 ahead of us are NOT real traffic. hummm. So, we are proud to say that our traffic is REAL. “CERTIFIED!”

So, without a doubt we are very strong in the market, ALREADY. But we will be even stronger and grow and develop our projects even faster with more support from our members. This is your company, your project – NOT PRIVATE investors. Why give them MORE power when we can keep it in the house and share it with the members? PI cares and PI….? SHARES.

When you support PI, you get a LOT in return because PI only deals with win-win projects – projects by the members for the members. When the members win, PI wins – every member, OLD, NEW and FUTURE wins, PERIOD.

The most powerful advertisement in the world has always been: WORD OF MOUTH.

Let me give you just ONE example: Bill Gates had a dream and he told his family and his friends…Hey… I SAW THE WINDOWS TO THE FUTURE. Sell everything you have and invest in my company/in my dream….and the rest is HISTORY. The bottom line is, everyone who invested in Microsoft and even the GENITORS today are very, very wealthy. Wouldn’t you like to have been one of those people? I sure would, but that opportunity is GONE! And I was not a fortunate friend of Bill Gates and I’m pretty sure that YOU were not one of them EITHER.

But now, HEY we have a dream, PI is a dream opportunity for every member NOW… IN THE BEGINNING – a dream that will REVOLUTIONIZE the Internet. And you can be a big part of it… So what to do, sell everything and invest in PI? hummm

The dream is great and it’s already a reality. We are simply building upon it. But, I AM THE FIRST ONE TO TELL YOU: Don’t sell everything and invest on anything. Like every investment, THERE IS A RISK to lose your money. So, ALWAYS AND always, ONLY invest what you can afford. But for the first time ever, we the members have an opportunity to WIN with a very successful company because we are making HISTORY RIGHT NOW and you are witnessing… HISTORY IN MAKING. Just OPEN your eyes and… LOOK… our PI Galaxy and all our… RISING STARS… This is the kind of project that makes people WEALTHY!

To support PI, Here’s what we “the members” must do. If you can do…

1st: Join the PI Supporters Club as many of you have already joined. Select your level and receive valuable benefits.

2nd: Share Indiegogo Campaign Link on your FB, twitter and everywhere you can. We have about 10 days or less for that campaign to be over. Just tell them something like this: Wow, look at what this company is doing to Serve and Protect every Internet user world-wide. Click Here: (http://igg.me/at/perfectinternet/x/4418363)

We have over 400,000 Members. Imagine if everyone would donate just a ONE TIME $1 or $5 or $10 or $20… wow we could fund all our projects and grow so much faster. Not only that but PLEASE, Download your 1st Generation and send them an email with this information “Gee on TV” Link and Episode name.

3rd: Co-Ownership Program. Have you ever been offered an opportunity to co-own a company? specially a company that is growing in value every day? Big companies keep for themselves or give to investors with DEEP pockets. Ever heard… the rich gets RICHER and the poor gets POORER? So, our Co-ownership program is for the MEMBERS. Most people invest in just an idea/dream, like Microsoft people did. PI is not just an idea/dream – PI is already a reality. An established and debt-free company that has several selling platforms, that have already been selling for over 1 year and it’s growing everyday. So it is a reasonable RISK to invest in PI. Check Alexa.com and see our progress. Better YET, Add alexa.com to your LINKS page right now and make a commitment to Yourself to click that link every day and WITNESS our unstoppable PROGRESS.

But, remember this, we only have a limited number of shares available and we have a lot of orders placed; some of them are still pending payment. If you are one of them who placed an order and didn’t send your funds yet, you are taking a big risk to lose your shares. Why? Because when all the shares are funded they are gone. To be fair with all members, this is on a first come – first served basis. If your funds arrive after they are gone, PI will send your money back MINUS the fees. So, if you still want to keep your shares, send the funds in ASAP (as soon as possible).

Remember that every $100US you invest could be worth between $1000-$5000US by the end of 2014 when we’ll do the IPO (Initial public offer). This is truly a ONCE-IN-A-LIFE-TIME opportunity to co-own PI.

IF you have any questions, email us at: cop@perfectinter.net Subject: QUESTION(s)

Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors in history, quoted: “I am a better investor because I am a businessman and a better businessman because I am an investor.” We are in business with PI, we are businessmen. I would take Warren’s Buffett at any time…

It’s time… to stop doubting and start believing…

It is Our Internet – Let’s Make it Perfect!

Right now go and read about, PI SUPPORTERS CLUB, INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN and most importantly the CO-OWNERSHIP program.

Go to: http://www.supportpi.com



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