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How to update your PI Homepage

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How to update your
PI Homepage 

  It does not matter where you registered from. It could have been a Perfect Internet link, a LOTTO MADNESS link, a WAZZUB Community link, a PRIZE MANIA link, a Perfect App link, IdealSmarter, Cheeaap, DIGI4LESS, Mailaxy, EEBOOX, madvertising, Punch The Price, I Wanna Be Famous, Mega Deals Weekend, Shobbit, or EEBOOX Deals; they are all part of the PI Galaxy of Stars and you can login to http://perfectinter.net with the email address and password you used to register in any one of our Stars and follow the instructions below.If you first joined with a FREE Registration link for one of our Stars there is no need to register again in any of the others. You are already part of our PI/WAZZUB Family and you are included in all of them.


PI LOGIN to Perfect Internet, http://perfectinter.net using your email address and password you chose when registering.

PI Landing Page

First, let’s learn about the color scheme. This is so, so awesome. Log in and you’ll see this picture below. Now, click on the “COLOR” button. Choose your favorite color and click the “OK” button at the top right corner to save your color. What’s also amazing is that you can change the color at anytime you please.




Now let us discover our newly updated features of the PI Homepage! If you have not set up PI as your home page yet, this is the first picture you’ll see as you log in. The difference from this picture from the one above is that on the above one, the top left box has already been set up. Notice that the first time someone, you or a new person customizes each one of the 6 boxes (minus the bottom middle box that’s not customizable) below, you/he/she earns 20 DealPoints. 5×20 = 100 DealPoints.  Just to join for free and use our amazing PI home page as their home page. WOW! As you customize each box, keep an eye on the DEALPOINTS clock on the top right of the page. Watch your DealPoints grow.


With our No Click No Scroll technology you can mouse over each box to see what it is all about.

When we mouse over the News box first, you see…


Click on Customize Your News Box (read the easy instructions on the left “CUSTOMIZE YOUR NEWS BOX”. It’s totally amazing. You can add 14 of your favorite links all in one place.


You can add any RSS Feed you want to this page and customize it. If you want a couple of links to get you started feel free to use the ones below or simply use them as an example.

In the top first Box, (Name of News Source) put as a title: PI News

On the “RSS Link” box, Copy/paste this link: http://www.perfectinter.net/subdomains/news/?feed=rss2

2nd box title: NY Times

Copy/paste this link:  http://rss.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/HomePage.xml

3rd box title: Entertainment news

Copy/paste this link: http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/entertainment

Now, put a check mark (click) on the 3 small boxes on the right side when you have already set up your RSS feeds. Those 3 will show on the top of your PI Homepage.

Once you have input all your links, click save button at the bottom right of the page to collect your 20 DealPOINTs! Click on “Go To Homepage” to continue customizing your page and earning more DealPOINTs.


Now click on GO TO HOME PAGE

Next, mouse over the Deals section in the center of the page.


Click on Customize your Deals box. (Read easy instructions on the left)


Step 1: pick 3 deals. Check your favorite 3 little boxes to make your selection and click the “SAVE” button at the bottom right and VIOLA…. You’ll go to STEP# 2 below.


Step 2: pick your favorite restaurant locations to see deals in your favorite cities across the world whenever you travel and wherever you go! Then, click “SAVE”. Go STEP# 3 below.


Step 3: pick your favorite hotel locations around the world to see amazing deals when you travel. Now, click “SAVE” and you’ll see the picture below.

You can customize the countries and cities, at anytime. This way, when you want to travel, you can see all the deals we have to offer in that area, and change it back to your hometown when you return, or plan your next destination trip. Wooohooo!  Isn’t this AMAZING?


Yeah, you’ve just earned another 20 deal points! Now click on GO TO HOME PAGE


Next mouse over the Friends Box (FRIENDZ-R-USWAZZUB, Mailaxy) and set up your WAZZUBCommunity and MAILAXY accounts.

Set up WAZZUB Account

You’ll see this:




 If you already have an account, your username will already be there and you just click the SAVE button.

If you don’t have a WAZZUB Community account you can now choose a username (one that you will remember and that you will want to keep) by typing it in the box.
Then click SAVE.
Then Mailaxy comes up. Use the same procedure. If you already have Mailaxy, one of your email addresses will be there and you just continue to the end. If you need a Mailaxy eMail account select a name that will go before the @ symbol and then choose the Domain. You have 6 to choose from.

Choose a name and domain

Then Click the SAVE button to continue on to FRIENDZ-R-US.


We cannot customize Friendzrus yet. Be sure to click on FINISH button or your updates
will not be fully saved.

When you’re done, you’ll see that you’ve just earned another 20 DealPoints. Aha, are you getting excited yet? I thought so!

Now click on GO TO HOME PAGE

Next, set up your games. To do this, mouse over the section of games on the bottom left side and then click on “Customize your Games“ to choose your (9) favorite games for your homepage and collect another 20 bonus DealPOINTs.



Simply pick 9 games to earn 20 DealPOINTs! If you want to take part in our free prize drawings, we recommend having PrizeMania and Lotto Madness chosen as some of your favorite games. Don’t forget to click SAVE.

Now click on GO TO HOME PAGE

Set up your favorite links next, by moving your cursor over the bottom right box.


Click on Customize your Links box to set up your links and earn another 20 DealPOINTs.


With your PI Links, you have a total of 6 different boxes available and 14 different links in each box, which leads to 84 different links you can store on your PI and have them anytime you log in to PI. This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. This has NEVER been done before by anyone, not Google, face book, Yahoo, MSN, you name it. We are FIRST and guess what? We own the Patent-pending technology. WOW!

By now you should realize that you WILL NEVER need to leave your Perfect Home Page for ANYTHING!

Now, click to check the top 2 little boxes to the right, and the top 2 links on each page will show as your top 2 favorite links on each box on your PI Homepage. Now click the “SAVE” button and…. Boom!


Now let’s see our brand new “MY PROFILE” page where there will be more customizations waiting for you. I’m sure that now you understand how your PI can truly be YOUR Perfect Internet!


Your Data means your personal information including your name, address, and date of birth.

Your Membership Status means either PSM or SSM or General member.

Your General Status means you are either active or inactive ( this currently has no meaning for members other than PSMs. All others can disregard it).

Your Activity Factor means how active you are in PI, the tracking of this starts June 1, 2013.

There is also a button to change your password.

Show my RefLinks shows the page where all your referral links are located.

Your Numbers means the numbers that you have in your Deal Factor, $ FACTOR, etc.

Should you need or want to change anything you have already set up on your PI Homepage, you can access each area here in your My Profile page.

Your News is the place to add or edit your News RSS feeds.

Your Deals is where you edit or choose new deal categories.

Games box is where you select new games or make any changes to your existing selections.

Your Links is the place to edit or change any of the 84 personal links shown in your PI.



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