So,  if you’ve just registered to use PERFECT APP

I would like to welcome you and wish you successful work in building your network.

  1. Firstly, in order to successfully promote PI APP, you need to open your profile in Wazzub Community  (Costumize your FRIENDS BOX). Over Wazzub Community you will have access to all useful information, For the  begin I give you this link with PI USEFUL LINKS in Wazzub Community which you will find useful. It is possible that you will not be able to open this link if you have not done the profile in the Community ( if you d’not customize your friends box yet). 
  2. Also here is  a link through which you have access to banners, video and similar promotional tools and Recorded Family Webinars

  • If you do not have your web page through which you will promote PI APP, look at this mine, copy what you like and make one yours. REMEMBER to replace anywhere there is my ref link, you need to put your ref link ( go to profile – your statistics and you will find your ref link here)

Look on this website a text that you can used as your  invitation letter, you can use it as the text for your e-mail that you can send to friends, acquaintances, just remember NO SPAM!

I hope that all of this will help that start off a first and that you will understand how much the perfect APP will be successful and popular when it starts in October. Until then, you can try to make your huge,  REALLY HUGE, network with new users through 5 generations depth. The more you have it, so your monthly income will be higher.

It is important to know that enrolled should use PI APP and Perfect Internet website also that PI APP is free and always will be free. Hurry up, start NOW, do it, build your network and have every month more and more income from this amazing opportunity .

On October 1, 2013 we will launch our state-of-the-art application that brings all the PERFECT INTERNET to the mobile world. The pre-launch for the  PERFECT APP  has just started and this is YOUR CHANCE to be one of the first to spread the word and to cash in big.

And also, for the end I want to draw your attention to three things:

  1. Search for the red tab at the bottom right corner of the main page under the name of PI University (in the Order in which the tab for FB, Twitter etc.) You will find this information remains PI galaxy, the program Madvertising and Be Affiliate program. Carefully read everything.
  2. If you have your own website, you can apply for reseller, advertiser and/or a publisher for our ads and earn commission for this. Read more on our blog about it: Official blog of  Madvertising   
  3. Know that we have our chat – here you can find a lot of rooms, 2 are important and useful for you: Wazzub World and Wazzub Support = that’s where you can come in to ask all your questions.

Keep in mind that on  PERFECT INTERNET we have for FREE:

  • 84 customizable Favorites Links available – you can access virtually every other website you commonly visit from your PI homepage. Every time you turn on your computer you log into your PI homepage  so everything is right at your fingertips.
  • Customizable News – you can add the RSS Feeds from your favorite news sources. Some people by habit read their news every morning before starting their day.
  • Our very own Free eMail Service – You can have up to 5 alias email addresses for different purposes. Each time you go in to read your mail you are showing activity.
  • Our very own Social Community with 3 profiles; Personal, Business, and Social; Blogs, Clubs, Live Chat, Forums. Every time you catch up with what your friends are doing or check your messages, update your Blogs or Clubs, go to the chatrooms, whatever – you are showing activity.
  • Over 30 online Games – When you play games you are not only getting a little free recreation and a stress reliever but you are showing activity.
  • Free Lottery Drawings-12 each week including the US Powerball where you could win up to Ten Million Dollars if we hit one of the Big ones. Every time you go to LOTTO MADNESS to check the Winner’s list and to register you are showing activity.
  • A chance to win prizes in PRIZE MANIA – we just had a $5,142 Winner! ( he  was  clicking to see if he was one of the winners every day! )  Check PRIZE MANIA every day!
  • A chance to earn DealPOINTs that can be used like Free cash to shop for things at discounts up to 99% Off or even Free with DealPOINTs in our Member Exclusive Deal Platforms. When you shop or even just browse you are showing activity.
  • Safe search engines that don’t spy on you and collect information about you. Do all your searches using our search engine and you are showing activity. PERFECT INTERNET uses Startpage and Ixquick. One more reason to join the Perfect Internet!
  • A World Wide Talent contest where you can either compete or be one of the judges who gets to choose the World’s next Star. When you go to    I WANNA BE FAMOUS    to watch the videos, post comments, and judge the competitions you are showing activity.


  • A FREE Mobile App that pays you to use it – most Apps that offer any kind of payment for referrals will cost you $29 to $39 or more EACH MONTH!  Go every day to check your stats. Once Perfect APP is live and you actually use it, you will also be earning.
  • a FREE eBook download every week – when you go to EEBOOX to browse our selections or to download your FREE weekly eBook you are showing activity.
  • PI has several opportunities where you can earn some extra cash and other benefits if you choose to participate – and all without cost to you; plus many many more free member benefits to come…




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